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South area elementary schools

Arnold Elementary

Arnold Elementary School covers grades K-5 and is a feeder school for Calle Mayor Middle School.  Arnold is also home to the AYSO Region 12 U-12 divison, Sunday adult soccer leagues and is often used for Torrance Park ad Rec basketball practice. TABB and Riviera Little League use the fields too at times. 

The main campus was built in 1964. Additions were constructed in 1996, 1997, and 2006. Currently there are 20 K-5 classrooms, one ELD classroom and one administrative building. The school also has a computer lab housed in a classroom, and a library run by the PTA in a portable classroom. Portable modules house the following programs and their teachers: The Learning Center, speech and language, STEPS Special Education, autism support services (ASSISTT), and counseling. The YMCA program for before-school and after-school care has a separate building. The Torrance preschool LAUNCH program is housed adjacent to the Arnold campus. The cafeteria serves as a multi-purpose assembly room, as well as home to the City of Torrance After-School Care program. 
The PTA is very involved on the campus and is alwasy looking for ways to make a better campus and better campus experience.  The measure Y and Z renovations are coming and it couldnt be too soon. 





  • Rank: 9
  • API 2012: 908
  • 648 Students
  • 33 Teachers
  • California Distingushed School

Riviera Elementary

Riviera opened in 1953 and has 27 classes, covers grades K-5 and is a feeder school for Richardson Middle School.  Riviera is home to AYSO Region 12 U-14 soccer and many other Torrance Park and Rec teams use the facility.  It is not a bad campus to skateboard with some slope areas on the blacktop. To prepare the kids for the courts of Torrance Beach Beach and Burn Out, the campus has its own sand volleyball court.

The classroom space, office, cafeteria and restroom facilities are adequate to support the instructional program for 700 students and 70 staff members. The computer lab, library, YMCA and cafeteria are used regularly. Three Learning Centers are utilized for small group academic support. Additional offices host the Speech and Language Program, ASSISTT Inclusion Support, Psychologist, Occupational Therapy and the Counseling Office. Riviera is excited for Measure Y and Z renovations which will address the exteriorof the campus around 2013-2016.
Riviera has a great location up in the hills of the Hollywood Riviera and adjacent to Rocketship Park a local landmark.  Rivera elementary is known for its supprot from the community and the parents.  Famous alumni are Morgan Mullin and Paul Moyer.




  • Statewide Rank: 10
  • API 2012: 918
  • Students: 715
  • 31 Teachers
  • California Distinguished School
  • Nickname: Roadrunners

Seaside Elementary

Seaside is locted at the entarance to Christmas Light area of Seaside Ranchos.  The school's most famous alumni are my mom Jean (Brimley) and and her twin sister Jan.  Seaside is K-5 and is a feeder to Calle Mayor Middle School.  The school is also home to AYSO Region 12 U-8 soccer.

Modernization completed in 2006 provided Seaside with new furnaces in all classrooms, interior and exterior plumbing, interior and exterior electrical and new classroom doors. The administration building was modernized with new restrooms, reconfigured office and painting. One set of student restrooms was modernized to meet ADA code requirements. Recently Measure Y & Z bond money was used to bring the remainder of the campus up to ADA code requirements, meet fire alarm requirements, install classroom ceilings, lighting and windows, restroom renovations, roofing replacement, gutter replacement, interior and exterior painting, security lighting, covered walkway repair,damaged exterior wood repair and drainage improvements. 
Many proud parents cruise the South Bay with their Seaside Dolphin liscense plate frames and stickers.  They should be proud!  It's a fine school.  





  • Statewide Rank 2012: 9
  • API 2012: 915
  • 652 Kids
  • Nickname: Dolphins

Walteria Elementary

Walteria opened in 1951 and has 29 classrooms.  It covers grades K-5 and is a feeder school to Richardson Middle School. The campus is home to AYSO Region 12 U-10 division and serve as a practice facility for Torrance Park and Rec basketball teams and local baseball teams. 

The facilities offer a computer lab, a library, and a cafeteria that is large enough to hold assemblies and evening events. Classrooms, office, cafeteria, and restroom facilities adequately support the instructional program for 635 students. Portable buildings are home to second grade classrooms, the Learning Center Program, the counselor’s office, the school psychologist, the speech and language pathologist, and other itinerant service providers.

With the passage of Measures Y and Z, Walteria has undergone complete renovation, including plumbing and electrical work. All classrooms were upgraded inside and out, four temporary portable classrooms were replaced by permanent modular ones, and the library was moved into a new modular room. The front entrance was moved to a more central location, and our quad area was enhanced for events that involve student participation. The school office was completely remodeled with the front entrance facing north. All of these changes have resulted in more security for students, as anyone entering or exiting the campus during the school day must go through the office.

This modernization also included our playground surfaces for all grade levels. The Kindergarten yard was expanded.  Walteria Elementary provides a safe, clean environment for learning.




  • Statewide Rank: 9
  • API 2012: 910
  • 645 Students
  • 34 Teachers
  • Nickname: The Wildcats
  • Strong PTA

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