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Hollywood Riviera

Hollywood Riviera (area 128 on mls map)

For our purposes the Riviera is area 128 on the MLS and borders are approximately Hawthorne on the East, PCH on the North, the Valmonte area of PVE on the South and Torrance Beach and the Pacific Ocean on the West. The area is the on the base of the PV Peninsula so most of the Riviera is on a hillside so some of the homes haveviews. The views can range from a peek a boo (agent talk meaning barely a view at all) to panoramic, ocean, queens necklace, city views. Many of the streets are hilly and curvy causing many people to get lost the first driving through the Riv.  As with much the South Bay properties in the
Riviera tend to get more expensive the closer to the beach you get.

The Hollywood Riviera is all in the city of Torrance with Torrance schools, fire, police and Torrance city services however the western portion of the Riviera while still being in Torrance has a Redondo Beach mailing address because the mail is delivered from the Redondo Beach postoffice instead of the Torrance post office. The zip code for the Redondo PO area is 90277 and the zip for rest of the Riviera is 90505. The dividing line of the zip codes runs from the upper Torrance/PVE boarder to PCH and is a north/south straight line that starts at Via Colusa then runs Paseo de Arena and continues the trajectory
straight to PCH. 
The Hollywood Rivera was developed by Clifford Reid on land that was owned by the Huntington Land Company.  The approximate one square mile of land that Clifford developed reminded him of the French Riviera which he had visited and influenced his vision of the area.  Clifford Reid also thought this would be a great spot for the burgeoning Hollywood Crowd to live.  The combination of this is where the name Hollywood Riviera came from.

The first home built in the Riviera was Via Monte d’ Oro by Clifford Reid and the second was on Camino de Las Colinas built by Fred Marlowe.  The Rivera started sprouting up from there growing in the large area that it encompasses now. 

The housing stock in the Riviera area is mostly single family homes that range anywhere from 1000 sqft to 6000 sqft plus for some ofthe estates adjacent to Torrance Beach. Much of the Riviera is the most upscale area in Torrance and one of the more upscaleareas in the South Bay.   Besides the single family homes the Riviera also has townhomes,  condo complexes (one with a private staircase to the beach) and income properties ranging from two units to large apartment complexes. All near the beach

Torrance Riviera from East to West

The eastern side of the Riviera starts consists of but is not limited to the streets of Via Valmonte, Newton, Bluff and Paseo de las Tortugas.  For the most part these streets run east- west on a relatively steep north-south slope.  Because of this many of the homes on these streets are built to suit the topography.  The homes on the uphill or PV side of the streets are generally built into the hillside are often two or three levels with the garage and entry at street level and the living areas and bedrooms upstairs.  The back yards are often small as much of the property is a hill.  Sometimes stairs and viewing areas are built into the hillside to take advantage of the views.  The homes on downhill side of street  often look like one level homes from the street however due to the slope much of the living area is downstairs under the main level.  Due to the slope the homes on the downhill side of the street often have great views.   The yards on these properties are often small or no existent but many have incorporated deck space and balconies in to the design.  These homes can be seen from PCH if you look up the hill while driving on PCH if you are between Hawthorne and Anza. 



Kessel Built Upper Riviera Area

The farther west you go you start to head into an area with homes built by H. Kessel.  These were homes built in the mid fifties and are generally 1500-2000 sqft two or three bedroom homes.  This is the area that starts around Paseo de las Tortugas where it meets Vista Montana and goes to the Via Colusa to the west all in the upper area of the Rivera.  The area encompasses Rocketship Park and Riviera Elementary.  This entire area is a very conforming “Leave it to Beaver” type neighborhood.  Some homes have fantastic city LA views and some with ocean coast views also.  Other builders also developed the area but Kessel.

Rocketship Park

The Torrance area of the Riviera is anchored by Rocketship Part which is adjacent to Riviera Elementary school.  Rocket ship Park is a 6.3 acre park opened in 1964 that has views of the entire LA Basin and even the Santa Monica Bay.  There are few amenities so go before you go if you catch my drift.   Officially the park is known as Los Arboles Park but the locals call it Rocketship Park due to the three story rocketship play structure that is the centerpiece of the park.   Yes during the race to the moon and aerospace heyday many parks across the country installed replica rocketships in the play areas.  The rocketship became a fixture for the locals who coined the park Rocketship Park.  In the 90’s when many cities were freaking out about liability law suits the city chose to take down the rocket for the safety of the children of course.  The public outcry was so loud that the city installed a new rocketship.  Rocketship Park is one of the few parks in the country that still has a useable rocketship.  The rocketship at Rocketship Park has been voted “Best View Rocket” in the country by a panel consisting of me.  This a great park to hang and enjoy the view.  Beyond the play area is a slope which is fun for exploring.  Park closes at 10. Some high schoolers interpret this as 10 in the morning.   

Homes in near Richardson Middle School

If you are at Rocketship Park and look down you will see Richardson Middle School and the homes surrounding it. These homes are very conforming.  They were primarily built in the 1953-1954 and were around 1100-1200 sqft on lots around 5500 sqft lots when built. Overthe years many of these homes have been added on to and remodeled. On the PCH access road there is a bridge that crosses PCH that allows for pedestrian access to South High without having to cross PCH. Also some of the homes on the uphill side of Newton are bigger than the average tract homes and some have huge yard that go up the hillside. 

Moving further west there are homes on Calle Mayor (by the fire department) Susana, Shadycroft, the continuation of Greenmeadows, and Riviera way to name a few. These homes
are similar to the homes near Richardson in size and age but the street have a hillier topography so some of the homes have views. These homes usually sell for a little more
than those near RMS.  


The Redondo PO

All the homes west of the Via Colusa-Paseo de Arena and imaginary straight line extension to PCH are in the Redondo PO area of the Riviera. What does this mean? Not much other than the mailing addresses say Redondo Beach instead of Torrance. It is still the same fine Torrance schools and services. The addresses in the Redondo PO area 3 digit addresses.  

Lower Riviera

The lower Rivera has many wide winding tree lined streets with curbs and no walks.  Many streets form a semi circle around El Retiro Park with the backyards of the homes on Vista del Parque actually bordering the park.  Moving outward you have Paseo de Gracia, Via Buena Ventura, Via la Circula, Via Linda Vista and a few North South streets on each side of the semi circle such as Via Los Altos to the east and Paseo de las Delicious, Via Monte D’Oro and Camino de las Colinas to the west.  The topography of the lower Riviera is pretty flat near the park thane the slope gradually increases as you get closer to Calle Mayor.  The houses are very well kept and the area is pretty upscale.

Upper Riviera

The Upper Riviera is also very nice and upscale and the area generally encompasses anything above Calle Mayor to the PV border.  Agains the area is subject to interreptation.  The topography from Calle Mayor up is on a slope.  Once the slope levels off the topography flattens out.  The slope and the proximately to the beach offer some homes with breathtaking views.   Like the lower Riviera many of the streets have curbs but no walks.  There is a area in the area of the upper Riviera that is out of the Hillside overlay area many of the smaller homes have torn down and have been replaced with replaced large (2500+ sqft) newer homes.  Some of the homes in the Torrance Riviera area are also considered by many to be in the upper Riviera.

West of Palos Verdes Blvd

Another area of the Riviera is the area west of Palos Verdes Blvd with Calle Miramar being the Northern border, the PVE being the southern border and Torrance beach being the western border. Torrance Beach being the Western border.  The beauty of this area is you can walk to Torrance Beach without crossing a major street and there are views from some of these homes.  There are about 191 single family homes in this area the bulk of them being great tract home some with spectacular views.  Over the years many of these homes have been upgraded and added onto.  These are a short jaunt to the beach and some have fantastic views.

Cote d’Azur

At the top of Paseo de la Playa and overlooking the Malaga Cove, Rat Beach and Haggerty’s surf spot is the Cote d’ Azur.  This is an 87 unit condominium complex with its' own private staircase to the Beach.  How great is that?  The complex also has a large pool and other recreational facilities and some of the units have spectacular views.  This is resort living at its best.

Riviera Colony

When the area really started developing there was a need for a new school for the kids in the Hollywood Riviera so just a few steps from the beach Parkway Elementary was opened.  What a place for a school.  It was basically learning at the beach on nice days.  You still hear stories about how Mr. Duncan a teacher and surfer would teach his classes at the beach on beach.  The school was opened in 195???? And closed in 197?????.  TUSD rented the property to several schools before selling the land to developer that used the land to build 28 single family home in a gated community.  The homes were all over 3000 sqft and the lots that did not allow for much room for yards and were completed in the mid 1990’s.  One of the benefits of building this tract is the builders were required to underground all the utilities which really helped improve the aesthetics of the area.  The people on Camino de Encanto and Paseo de Suenos really benefitted from this.

Paseo de la Playa

The properties on the west side of Paseo de la Playa are fortunate to have Torrance Beach as their back yard.  The first eight houses up from the Torrance Beach parking are on large lots and the property is all fee simple.  These huge beach front homes on large street to beach lots and killer views are some of the finest properties in the state if not the world.   From 9th home up to the top of the street the homes are smaller and the developer actually kept the land and leased out the properties.  Most of the properties were given lease options entitling the leaseholder to buy the property at set price and on a set date.  As it stands now some of the leaseholder has exercised their options and some have still have the option to purchase.  It is all very interesting.

Riviera Village Area

The area north of Calle Miramar/Via Riviera and west of PV Blvd is home to many different properties including condominiums, townhome smaller income units and apartments.  This area is much more congested than the rest of the Riviera but it has kind of an exciting vibe to it.  It is walking distance to Riviera Village and the beach.   This is a great spot to own income property because the demand to be this close to the beach will always be there. Owning a condo or townhome here is great too because of the fantastic location.

Vista Bahia

Right across from Miramar Park and the Burnout parking lot is the Vista Bahia.  This is a 36 unit three story condo conversion built in 1962 with most units having drop dead gorgeous views.  There is underground parking and a small pool.  The exterior was had a complete makeover and the results were fantastic. This is one of those location location location buildings.

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